A collaboration with Rubberbodies Collective.

A lonely figure waiting with anticipation, trampled upon by a stampede of would be lovers.Trapped, eradicated, mechanistic whispers of a blossoming existence. Still searching, desiring, defending her designated port. Quantum reverberations in the sea of the cosmos, a beacon to the sailor.  As she traces voices of the past, she leads us through the labyrinth of her mind, until she arrives to the locket which holds her memory. A journey through the past and the present, where the restless memories are brought forward. Kinesis diluted in waves of air, a faithful soldier to her mission, setting the domino on fire. Beauty collapses , hope rises from the ashes and lights the way.

Choreography, Performance :Athanasia Kanellopoulou
Music Composer : Mario Sammut
Visual Artist and Costume Designer: Mathew Pandolfino
Researcher Writer: Rebecca Camilleri
Director : Jimmy Grima

' Kanellopoulou was completely engrossed in this performance, clearly displaying techniques that go beyond the conventional.' by Giselle Grima, Sunday Times ,Malta

'What was immediately striking about this solo performance was the fact that fluidity and rigidity became equal and interchangeable parts of the same continuum.
 'by Andre Delicata, The Times, Malta   
Supported by
St. James Cavalier, Malta
KKU (Koperattiva Kulturali Universitarja)
The Drama Unit Centre

Premiered at MITP Theatre, Valletta, Malta.
Further Performances : 3rd Athens Video Dance Project,  Dance Fest Syros, Dance Days Chania 2013


© 2013 Athanasia Kanellopoulou