The bitter Lightness of Falling

The bitter Lightness of falling

Man is an equation which is composed of the humble and the raw, the mind and emotion, the sensitive and vulnerable, the paradox and logic, material and spiritual. An absurd construct that can only exist as breathing, without knowing what is going to happen the next moment. Is falling a part of the walking process? When you stumble , do you fall or rise?  Or is it so, that you keep on walking?

Concept, Direction, Choreography: Athanasia Kanellopoulou
Performed by Dance Studies Department, University of Malta
Performed at MITP Malta, Spain and Holland
Music: Aurelia, Soundscapes: Thimios Atzakas
Lighting : Moritz Zavan
Editing, Video: Niels Plotatd


© 2013 Athanasia Kanellopoulou