a film by Vagia Tsiourvopoulou, photoGiannis Hatziantoniou

Creating and performing is a personal offering - I invite the audience to witness and also participate 
in this artistic transformation. My choreographic and personal research is a response to and resistance against an increasingly consumerist, ‘plastic’ society, it focuses around the quest for the hidden, true self, it is a search for light onto the nefarious corners of the human soul, a quest for the forgotten poesy of life. The starting point of this research is the empty space of the present in relation to the human body in all its mythological elaborated reminiscences. I am interested in the human body as a vehicle of the inner transformation. As a choreographer and performer I convert a more private, confessional diary-like writing into a physical act in order to explore tender, silent or more resonant inflections of the self.

Move- ability and e- motion do not know borders.
Movement not only as a physical term, but also as a geographical, political and social term.
Only inside movement we may finally find who we really are.

Athanasia Kanellopoulou

© 2013 Athanasia Kanellopoulou